1 - Mayfield Home Trust
Registered Office - GCSD Acccountants. 701 Stonehouse Park, Sperry Way, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 3UT
Charity Number 299059 - Company Number 2156182


Examples of Applications which would be viewed favourably are:

* Items which would improve the life of the beneficiary.
* Items which would improve the personal development of the beneficiary.
* Items to develop the hobbies or interests of the beneficiary.

The Trustees will only award one-off grants to help a specific project or need.

Consideration will be given for partial funding, especially of larger claims.

Please note that projects or items will not be funded retrospectively.  This includes items for which a deposit has been paid.

Awards will not be given for medical needs or equipment, or the provision of any  service that is the responsibility of the individual’s Service Provider.

Only one application may be submitted, per beneficiary, during any one calendar year.

Applications must state exactly what is required and why.

Where appropriate we require that statutory funding be explored prior to an application being made to Mayfield.
You may find that you are entitled to a grant from the statutory authorities such as:
- Department of Work and Pensions
- Local Authority Social Service Dept.
- Local Health Authority