1 - Mayfield Home Trust
Registered Office - GCSD Acccountants. 701 Stonehouse Park, Sperry Way, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 3UT
Charity Number 299059 - Company Number 2156182
Safeguarding Policy

Each of the trustees of Mayfield Home Trust has an up to date Enhanced Criminal Record Certificate.
The trustees have a Code of Behaviour, which is clearly laid out and available in the Company Handbook or from the Company Secretary.

On receipt of an application the Company Secretary replies, giving the name of the allocated trustee and that they may wish to contact the applicant to discuss details of the application.

The trustee may contact the applicant to arrange a suitable date and time for a visit.

The trustee will wear a lanyard, with details of their name and the charity.

The trustee will meet with the prospective beneficiaries’ agent i.e. parent, carer, social worker, teacher etc. If meeting in a domestic setting the trustee will not be left on their own with a child or vulnerable adult unless accompanied by another trustee.

In the event of an applicant disclosing details of either emotional, physical, sexual or financial abuse, to the trustee, or if when visiting, a trustee has a concern regarding safeguarding they should contact:

for children :,

for adults     :

These websites provide details of procedures and contact names and numbers.
If allegations are made against a trustee the chairman will be informed and follow procedure by contacting the Local Authority Designated Officer at :

The company secretary will make a record of any Safeguarding Issues, giving details of the applicant, the trustee, the disclosure, the date and the statutory body notified.