1 - Mayfield Home Trust
Registered Office - GCSD Acccountants. 701 Stonehouse Park, Sperry Way, Stonehouse, Glos. GL10 3UT
Charity Number 299059 - Company Number 2156182
Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is in line with the General Data Protection Regulations of 25th May 2018.
As a grant giving charity it is necessary to process the data requested in order to fulfil our remit i.e. to award grants to people with a learning disability.

Information held by Mayfield Home Trust

On our application form we request personal data : title, name, address, contact details such as mobile or landline number and email address, age of possible beneficiary and their disability.  

We also ask who gave us this data, for instance : a parent, teacher, doctor, social worker etc.

Who shares this data – the company secretary and the trustees.

Why we request this data –
a) The company secretary and trustees may wish to contact the applicant for further  information or to arrange a visit.
b) To enable the trustees to make a decision regarding the awarding of a grant
c) To order items and/or services and arrange delivery dates and times
d) To apply for vat exemption, if applicable.

What happens to your data –
a) Once a decision, regarding awarding a grant, has been reached the trustees return  the application forms and any subsequent notes to the company secretary. These  paper copies are then burned, or shredded.  Any data electronically held by an indi vidual trustee is deleted.  
b)  The original paper copy is kept on file for three years, as per the company proce dure.  After that time it is then burned or shredded.  The electronic copy has techni cal protection and safe storage behind a firewall system that is not accessible from  the internet.
c) Individuals can request the return of their personal data, as per the notes on the ap plication form. A stamped addressed envelope must be provided.